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  • Oori at Sheraton Manila
  • Oori at Sheraton Manila
  • Oori at Sheraton Manila
Open daily - 12PM – 10PM Open hours list
  • Locally Sourced Seafood

    Locally Sourced Seafood

    We buy local seafood to support local producers and lessen the carbon footprint in transporting these products.

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  • Sustainable Seafood

    Sustainable Seafood

    We choose seafood farmed or fished in ways that minimize harm to the environment, while supporting livelihoods in a fair and responsible manner.

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  • Premium Meat Selection

    Premium Meat Selection

    Premium quality beef, Australian Mulwarra Wagyu Ribeye 9+, served alongside a variety of lettuce, and side dishes, signature mel jorim sauce, and other Korean vegetables. This is cooked over coconut charcoal and a modern grill with downdraft exhaust tool. 
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Here's what our guests say about us!

    An upscale Korean dining experience awaits at Oori